• 200+ ports scanned monthly
  • 7-month of history
  • 0.1 second average API response time
  • 300 million banners collected monthly
  • 300 million URLs scanned monthly
  • 1.2 billion DNS entries monthly

Geolocation data

We keep track of changes in geolocation data for IP addresses. We have data about country, city, localtime or latitude/longitude

Inetnum information

Publicly accessible netblock information is regularly downloaded. We have data about netnames, subnet and description of netblocks

Active Internet scanning

We collect information about open ports along with fingerprinted Operating System. We are able to reliably identify the remote OS with a single packet

Passive DNS

The full IP address space is continuously resolved for the PTR record. Also, found hostnames are resolved for IPv4 and IPv6 A records.

Threatlist lookups

We download every day publicly available threatlist information from various sources. For instance, we lookup EmergingThreats, iblocklist, Abuse.ch or UCE protect

Paste sites lookups

We monitor public paste sites and search for IP address strings. Thus, we correlate data from pastebin to enrich other information