About Us

ONYPHE is an Attack Surface Management & Attack Surface Discovery solution built as a Cyber Defense Search Engine. We scan the entire Internet and Dark Web for exposed assets and crawl the links just like a Web search engine. Our data is searchable with a Web form or directly from our numerous APIs.

Our company was created mid-2017 in France, Europe, with one simple idea in mind: giving our customers, in an Ethical way, the same view as cybercriminals so that initial access vectors are killed before any bad thing happens.

There lies our purpose of fighting ransomware exposure.

About Ethical Internet Scanning

Better than a few written words, a video with our CEO giving the opening keynote at CTI Summit in 2022. The subject was how to be Ethical while performing Internet Scanning activities:

What is Attack Surface Discovery?

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What is Attack Surface Management?

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Our 10 Commandments for Ethical Internet Scanning

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