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Pricing for Enterprises & Individuals

We have a number of Views, you should find the one that fits your needs. If not, contact sales[at]onyphe{dot}io

  • * Standard categories: ctl, datascan, resolver, threatlist.

    Standard filters: all except enterprise filters.

  • ** Enterprise categories: datashot, synscan, onionscan, onionshot, topsite, whois, geoloc, inetnum, pastries, sniffer, vulnscan (only for Eagle & Griffin Views), ip (only for Griffin View), domain (only for Griffin View), hostname (only for Griffin View), riskscan (only for Griffin View).

    Enterprise filters: node.*, cve, cvecount, device.*, tag.

    Enterprise query functions: -hourago, -dayago, -weekago, -monthago, -exists, -notexists, -sort, -fields, -wildcard, -notwildcard, -tlsexpired.

  • *** Advanced query language: -orexists, -orwildcard, -since.

  • **** Export API: only 1 request/API key at a time and subject to rate limiting (1 req/second).

  • ***** Advanced categories & APIs: ip, domain, hostname & riskscan categories.

    Discovery APIs.

  • ****** On-demand scan APIs: need another license, contact us.