Major changes for historical queries and roadmap 2023

Written on 2023/01/16

Dear customers,

first of all, we wish you and your beloved ones a wonderful 2023 year, may it be the year of all fulfillment in your lives.

Please read the below message carefully as we announce major changes regarding our historical data storage scheme. We have worked hard to make sure all your use cases will be covered after this change by reviewing all your queries, but feel free to reach us at support at so that we can analyze them on a case-by-case basis.

For raw data customers, there is absolutely no changes.

A new license is born

Griffin View is the latest license available. This license has benefits over the Eagle View as follows:

Our pricing is public: pricing.

Major historical queries changes

In the coming months, we will roll a major update on our datamodel design. For now, we have kept 7-month of historical data with the same datamodel. To pursue our quest for longer historical data and improve our collecting coverage, we will change that model.

The easy way would have been to add more storage capacity, but we already rolled some changes impacting size of stored data. As we don’t want to reflect that increase on license prices, we searched for a smarter way of achieving our goals. Furthermore, you are aware of increase in energy prices in Europe, and our hosting providers reflected that change on their prices by up to 15%. This had an impact in our costs too, and we decided not to reflect that price on our licenses.

By changing this model, we will free up-to 50% of our storage, which will be converted to globally better coverage and more frequently refreshed data. Another advantage will to deploy scanners in other parts of the world, like Asia and US. In the past, we were focused on deploying scanners in Europe and Canada.

Please be assured that this change is focused on improving our customer’s user experience and use cases. We wouldn’t have designed this new scheme if no benefits were added for you, our customers.

Key benefits:

Key changes:

Impacted categories of information for data older than 30-days (default query time-range):

Other categories are not subject to any change.

To sum it up, here are the fields that will be kept for historical data (older than 30-days):

Roadmap 2023

Again, rest assured that we keep pursuing our goal to have the most comprehensive data on exposed assets for our customers. We created ONYPHE with a simple goal: having a better view than bad guys on your exposed assets to help you fix issues before they are exploited.

From a scheduling perspective, we will roll this change over the course of the coming months by aligning with our current storage capacities. We will migrate historical data monthly to stay at the maximum we can do storage-wise.

Please reach us at support at so that we can review all your use cases and make sure we haven’t missed any of them with this new major change in historical data storage.