New Attack Surface Management Editions

Written on 2023/10/24

Dear Customers and Users,

we are very proud to inform you that we have new licenses available and an improved pricing page describing all our Attack Surface Management solutions. See by yourselves:

Pricing Page

New products and new solutions

We are now offering different solutions to cover your Attack Surface Management needs. Our solutions are divided in different products:

Scanyphe On-Demand is our brand new product. With Scanyphe licenses, you will be able to launch a complete ONYPHE scan against your assets (synscan+datascan+urlscan+vulnscan steps). You can leverage our On-Demand APIs to launch a scan against an IP address, a CIDR network or simply a domain name. Scanning a domain name leverages, internally, our DNS enumeration process (we have 24-month of historical FQDNs totalling 1.5 Billion entries) to identify all subdomains under a given domain, along with DNS brute-force to find even more assets.

For all these products, the major addition is “ASM Edition” version. What does it bring new? Basically, we deploy dedicated servers for you along with a fully managed Elastic Stack. You will be able to leverage the full Kibana capabilities to create visualizations and dashboads, use the full CPU & RAM capabilities of servers for searches, and also, best of all, use the advanced Kibana query language.

Attack Surface Management (ASM) Editions customizable dashboards samples:

Fig 1: Attack Surface Management Edition datascan dashboard
Fig 2: Attack Surface Management Edition vulnscan dashboard
Fig 3: Attack Surface Management Edition riskscan dashboard

What about current subscriptions?

For current subscriptions, nothing changes. For renewals, here are the major changes:

Any question?

Should you have any question, contact us at support[at]onyphe{dot}io

Best regards,